Safelight Job Training Program
Onsite paid opportunities for survivors in our Dandelion Café, Resale Store and Sewing our World Together providing job training, educational support, and sustainability. Interns work with their job coach to design a clear path to further employment or educational opportunities that will create self-sufficiency for themselves and their families. Teaches interns on the job soft skills such as responsibility, teamwork, time management and communication.
Program Information

  • Onsite safe employment opportunities
  • Supportive educational environment
  • Personalized onsite job coaching
  • Individual job support case management
  • Strengthens interpersonal skills
  • Increases financial stability with planning and budgeting
  • Builds workforce development within our community
  • To learn more contact:

    Missy Blackwell

    Job Training and Housing Program Director

    Loretta's Success Story

    In 2017 Safelight made it possible for me to escape a situation where I was basically kept as a slave by extended family members. I had no freedom, and I was forced to serve these people in whatever way they chose. When I first came into Safelight, I was so frightened that I was barely able to leave my room. It took me a long time before I was able to venture outside of what eventually became my haven.

    Over four years, I have benefited from almost every program Safelight has to offer. The Shelter is where I started my Safelight journey to safety and freedom, and the staff there still provide me with encouragement and support when I visit. I receive therapeutic counseling to work through my past trauma. The Family Advocacy Center has supported me through legal challenges. I participated in the Job Training Program in all 3 areas, The Dandelion café, the Resale Store, and Sewing Our World Together where I also became a peer supervisor. The Phoenix Project, a collaboration between Safelight, AdventHealth and the Free Clinics, helped me to access regular routine medical care.

    Since 2017, I have moved from my safe room in Safelight's Shelter to my own apartment, through the partnership Safelight has with the First United Methodist Church here in Hendersonville. Through Safelight's support and my own tenacity, I have been able to continue my education. While in the Shelter, I was able to complete my GED, and at my graduation, I was chosen to speak. I have earned a Guest Service Gold Certificate which is recognized internationally in the hospitality industry and I have also received a ServeSafe certificate in the area of food service. I am currently training at Blue Ridge Community College to become an LPC, and my goal is to become a RN. My on-going education has been supported by The Giving Circle. I have often voiced my gratitude to Safelight and its staff, but I am constantly reminded by them that they see me as the achiever.

    Where Interns Train
    Dandelion sign

    Dandelion Café started in 2013 and provides skills in the restaurant industry from food preparation to customer service.

    Safelight Resale Store

    In 2016, the job training program expanded to include the Safelight Resale Store providing opportunities to gain skills in retail sales.

    Safelight Sewing Our World Together

    In 2017, Safelight expanded the program with Sewing Our World Together. Interns have the opportunity to learn to sew, make products and learn about running a business.

    2021-2022 Annual Sponsors:

    Stuller Power Solutions
    Champion Comfort Experts
    Advent Health

    Funded By:

    Governors Crime Commission
    Council For Women
    Family Violence Prevention Services Program
    United Way
    Hunter Hometown Foundation
    Mary Kay Foundation

    Memberships and Affiliations:

    NCCASA Member
    NCCADV Member
    NCA Accredited Member
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